Align your employment practices with your culture and values, and revolutionize your employees' experience.

We partner with you to create a work experience that creates a deeper more meaningful connection for employees.


How We Help

Solutions that last need to come from within. We work with you and your employees to determine the right solutions for your unique organization.



A great onboarding plan sets the tone for an employee’s journey. We will help you design a thoughtful experience that is unique to your organization, engages your new hires, and capitalizes on their excitement to join.


Strategic Compensation

Poor compensation plans can create behaviors that do not align with your company values or culture. Inequities, unhealthy competition, secrecy, and politicking can surface when thoughtful care is not given to rewarding talent. We help you create compensation plans that incentivize talent and get you closer to achieving your goals.


Employee Development

Performance management, career ladders, succession planning, and training and development are all critical to a high performance culture. We work with you to develop these programs with employee growth at the center, so you can create impact for not only the organization, but for individual lives.


Company Communication

Regardless of what you are communicating with employees, the goal should be engagement and understanding. From company handbooks to all staff meetings, we work with you to create moments of true connection.


"The team at Future Work Design is insightful, fair, compassionate and brings terrific perspective to every level and team member in our organization. Katie Augsburger has a natural way about her and navigates situations professionally and personably. I value her advice and her objectivity. Work with her. Your company will benefit from her influence."

Paige Campbell
President and Partner at Grady Britton


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