It's easy to say that your organization is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. It can be difficult to know what to do next.

We partner with organizations who believe in the power of diverse teams and are ready to take the courageous step beyond 'diversity' and into the deeper work of creating equitable and inclusive organizations.


How We Help

Each organization’s journey is unique. We never ask our partners to conform to one formula. We’ll partner with you to evaluate your needs and recommend a journey designed for you, based on your organizational needs and goals.



We use qualitative and quantitative research to inform recommendations for your next steps and to provide a clear baseline for your continued evaluation of progress.



We use human centered design practices to align your employee experience, organizational culture, and your customer/constituent experience to your values.



We design and deliver training and experiences to help your team to build learning frameworks and a shared language that serve as a foundation for your EDI efforts.



Leading organizations and teams through organizational changes toward equity can be personally and professionally challenging. You don’t have to go it alone! We are here to support you to lead with courage and authenticity. 


"In our short time together, we identified what we are doing right as a company and what actions we can take to make our EDI efforts more meaningful to the team and impactful to our community."

Noel Van Dyke
Director of Human Resources at Treehouse Inc.


Our EDI Leaders

We have been leading transformational conversations at the intersection of social justice and equity, employee experience, and organizational design for over two decades. We are ready to bring that expertise to guide you on your journey. 


Katie Augsburger

Katie is an HR expert disrupting how we think about employee experience through client engagement and thought leadership.


Yee Won Chong

Yee Won leverages passionate storytelling to change hearts and minds in service of equity and inclusion.


Nina Narelle

Nina helps teams and organizations surface the conversations necessary to become equitable and inclusive.


Ready to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization?