It's time to make your dream team.

For many of us, we spend most of our working hours (and lives) working in teams. Ideally, teams inspire us to tackle ambitious goals, uncover insights by working beyond our discipline or domain, and enable work to get done in sync across an organization. All too often though, teams are where work slows and misunderstandings fester.

We believe that teams can be a source of joy, inspiration, and effective collaboration at work, and are often one of the most powerful places to intervene in an organization. We work with high performing teams ready to scale their magic, and mission critical teams facing conflict, distress, or failure to perform.


How We Help

We never separate getting work done from improving team dynamics. Tackling high stakes projects creates the best opportunity to teach a team to observe, learn, and improve how they work together.


Observe and Reflect

We help teams observe, reflect, and make sense of how they’re working together in real time. Rather than serve as expert diagnosticians with a secret formula for success, we help groups learn to evaluate and negotiate about their performance themselves.

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Practice New Ways of Working

We help teams practice new ways of working while they work. Changing how we work together can be tricky and resistant territory. We’re there to help you practice your way into it, in real time, to make the change stick.


"During our time together, our team gained a new perspective on how to facilitate conflict resolution, we explored and created a high-level plan to reinforce cultural values, and most importantly we developed a deeper level of relationship and trust."

Patrick Ezell
Former CEO of Copious 


Ready to become a dream team?